With Absolute Scales Limited, our customers are guaranteed the best in class services. The nature of the services we provide to all our customers vary depending on the products purchased and the specific customer requirements. Services provided by us range from routine checking, maintenance of the weighing equipment and calibration at regular specified intervals. Other specific services include stamping etc.
The different services provided by Absolute Scales are :-
  1. One time service - This is a single time service offer. Through this service offer, the customer can avail our services at the time of purchasing the product itself. This service can only be availed once.
  2. Annual service contract - The annual service contract is suitable for customers with comparatively larger product requirements. With this service contract, Absolute Scales will provide this stipulated service once in a year, beginning with the day of product purchase.
For example, weighing scales and bridges require periodic calibration and stamping and the necessary service will be included and covered as a part of this service contract. After the expiration of the contract, it will have to be renewed every year if the customer wishes to continue availing this service.
  1. Site survey - Site survey is a critical step before installation of heavy duty weighing equipment. There might be a necessity of making a slight modification of the existing site structure for efficient working of the purchased equipment. Our experienced personnel perform a survey of the installation site prior to installations and suggest the best suited equipment. The service is recommended to get the best value for money of your purchased product.
  2. Customer Requirements – To get the best out of the services we offer, we encourage our customers to consult our experts regarding their specific requirements. Our experienced staff would suggest the idlest kind of services needed for the chosen products. Accordingly, the service intervals can be modified to suit the convenience of customers. Any additional equipment specific services deemed necessary can also be made available through discussions with our team.
Comprehensive and Non-comprehensive Service Contracts -
Absolute Scales makes available both, comprehensive and non-comprehensive service contracts for their clients. Both contracts are applicable for the services availed on a yearly basis by the customers. Comprehensive contracts include the breakdown maintenance, fault analysis and service and repairs including spare parts by the company. Noncomprehensive contracts do not include the spare part replacements on the part of the company. Customers are advised to fully understand the terms and conditions before availing either of these yearly maintenance services.
Calibration and Stamping - These services for the weighing equipment are included as a part of maintenance contracts and can be performed at regular intervals, either specified by the customer or suggested by us.
At Absolute Scales Limited, we regard our customers as our most valued asset. We are determined to provide the best possible customer services that our customers are entitled to. And feedbacks and suggestions from customers that would help us improve our service quality and customer satisfactions are always welcomed.